Financial Records

Secured Inheritance keep your financial info accessible and secure.

Use Secured Inheritance to keep financial records, including, but not limited to:

  • Keep information on all your bank accounts, names and addresses of banks, account numbers, types of accounts, names and signers on accounts
  • Post tax records
  • Upload certificates or list information regarding stocks and bonds
  • Provide information regarding safety deposit boxes and home safes, including location and lock combinations or location of keys
  • Save information on credit card accounts

Safety for Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep it private. Hide the Key. Only you need to know.

Secure Today

Use Secured Inheritance to keep track of government issued documents or other documents of a legal nature.

Secure Today

File Legal forms

Place to write


and find secure in your own legacy vault

No more primitive

record keeping

now all your inportant

files safe & Secure

Tax Records

all your record in one easy accessible place

Never be at

a loss

All Legal Forms

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