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lady susan June 5, 2018 Susan
Being wealthy is more than just being Rich ! Rich in a abundant Life of well being , Integrity and the Benefit of passing down our Heart felt wishes to Our Children can be a challenge in the world we live in today .Now with a Secured Inheritance membership the opportunity to share all our wishes either financial or the Story of how we have gained Freedom , can be Balanced and brought to Life with a secured inheritance Membership . When we have money we don’t have the extra added worry of being a poor , Thank God .. but there is so much more to who we are as Mommy’s Daddy’s , Granny or Papa’s , we want to share our Story .. and if your like me there is a need to pass down the determination and the drive of how we got here. How to stay a strong competitor in all areas of this Wonderful Wild Life! The cool thing about Secured Inheritance is we get to keep track and write Our story of how we made life work. As we have seen our Family Tradition slowly disintegrate because of travel, lack of time or estrangement , whatever the case may be. we now can share a little or a lot or maybe you just want to document your Life for another time ! Now you can do just that on Secured Inheritance keep it private, if you chose at least there will be a record of the History behind the Memorabilia . Someday when I am gone , my Family will want to know a bit more of who I am , what made me the Beautiful , loving woman that I am .. well welcome to secured Inheritance. Now I have a place, a private platform to share all my stuff .. the Good , the Bad and the Lovely here at S~I~ we can now documented all . So much more to come .. Happy Trails , Lady Susan 6/8/18

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