How It Works

What is Secured Inheritance?

Secured Inheritance provides your own personal Vault. With this space, you can fill it with any possession at all; It’s as easy as taking a picture of it! You also have the ability to store existing documents in your Vault. You can then share your prized possessions with friends and family on your legacy page in the midst of keeping your executive rights. As you document, you may also privately host items and distribute those assets to respective receivers (Heirs) if you choose. Simply invite a friend or family member to become an “heir” to your selected estate. Secure and manage your assets, display your possessions, and let your legacy be known!

Never has creating your dynasty and documenting your legacy been so fun!S.I. Team

How does it work?
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    Choose Membership

    Choose between Heir, Noble, and Royal Memberships.

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    Simply upload (excluding Heir Memberships) your documented files and store them in The Vault to keep private or choose to display your assets for all to enjoy within the SecuredInheritance Community or maybe for just one or two. It’s up to You its your Legacy display all or keep private!

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    Once an asset has been shared, the Heir is then granted access to the documented file under their Shared Legacies. a great way to involve the whole tribe and keep your Dynasty secure or hidden!

Membership Levels

Believe it or not, you are already an Heir! You just have to sign into your free account to make yourself a profile. Once you have a profile, others can see you and have the ability to “Heir” or share assets or documents with you. You can receive, but must upgrade to a Nobel or Royal in order to Share or Display.
Like Heirs, you can receive assets and documents that are Shared to you from other Nobles and Royals. Your Noble Membership allows you upload and store your assets in a safe place called, the ” Vault.” Fill this with pictures of valuables, secured documents, and other items that you want a part of your legacy.
The Royal Membership allows you to utilize all of what Secured Inheritance has to offer. Upload, store, and share all your assets across your list of Heirs, Nobles or other Royals. Celebrate your legacy by showing off your items in a public profile, or discretely store them to share to select family members.

Secure Your Legacy!

Celebrate and document your Dynasty .

A Few Of Our Services

Family Heirlooms

Use Secured Inheritance to record information and photos of family heirlooms:

Family Heirlooms

Use Secured Inheritance to record information and photos of family heirlooms:


Use Secured Inheritance to keep documents, records and photos of all vehicles you own or lease

You got it now is the time to Flaunt it

Race the car , show and tell how fast the car really goes pictures , records
even Trophies can now be a part of show it off.. maybe even for the world to see !!

Financial Records

Use Secured Inheritance to keep financial records

Always at you finger tip

from any devise .. never forget a importance document again .


Use Secured Inheritance to keep track of all personal and real property documents

you love it , its yours

now you can prove what is yours .. pictures are worth a thousand words

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