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Financial Info

Use Secured Inheritance to keep financial records, including, but not limited to:

  • Post tax records
  • Upload certificates or list information regarding stocks and bonds
  • Provide information regarding safety deposit boxes and home safes, including location and lock combinations or location of keys


Use Secured Inheritance to keep valuables recorded.

  • Post photos of valuable art, and any documents appraising their value
  • Record the history or stories behind any artwork for future generations
  • Post photos of precious jewels, and any documents appraising their value
  • Record the history or stories behind any jewelry for future generations
  • Provide inventory of precious metals such as gold, silver or rare coins
  • Post stories, information and photos of valuable collections, such as dolls, sports memorabilia, autographs, antiques, vinyl records, etc.

Family Heirlooms

Use Secured Inheritance to record information and photos of family heirlooms:

  • Post photos of your family heirlooms, including, but not limited to jewelry, crystal, china, silver, glassware, lace, quilts, antique furniture, clocks, books, artwork, crafts, tools, guns, fishing gear, etc.
  • Provide the stories behind each family heirloom, such as where it came from, what year it arrived in the family, which family members have owned it, any history behind it.

Medical Records

Keep your medical information (and that of your family) organized and stored using Secured Inheritance. Medical records can be posted as well as information of your medical providers in the following ways:

  • Post information regarding your doctors’ names, addresses and telephone numbers and what treatment they provided you
  • Record information regarding medicine or prescriptions
  • Upload medical records, X-rays, hospital records, diagnosis and prognosis of illnesses or injuries
  • List your preferences for hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, etc.
  • Post the names and addresses of dentists, chiropractors, mental health practitioners and other specialists you have seen
  • Record dates of dental work done and list dental work recommended to be done
  • Upload copies of any Advance Directives (also called Living Will) or Medical Power of Attorney
  • Name the person you appoint to make decisions for you in medical emergencies or regarding life support
  • Keep records of your children’s immunizations, vaccinations, etc.
  • Post all medical and dental information regarding your minor children


Use Secured Inheritance to keep track of all personal and real property documents, such as:

  • Upload legal documents regarding the purchase or sale of real property, including contracts, escrow or title documents
  • Post deeds to real property
  • Upload documents or information regarding vacation or short-term property rentals
  • Keep track of insurance documents for both your real property and your personal property
  • Upload photos of real property and personal property covered by insurance policies


Use Secured Inheritance to keep documents, records and photos of all vehicles you own or lease:

  • Upload purchase or lease contracts, registration and title documents for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, trailers, golf carts, off-road vehicles, buses, tractors and boats
  • Keep records of maintenance on any vehicles
  • Post records of payments made on any vehicles
  • Upload photos of vehicles for insurance purposes
  • Keep records and photos of any property damage to a vehicle due to an accident or act of God

Photo Albums

Use Secured Inheritance to save photos in a private setting without the fear that they will disappear when your computer crashes or that they will be available to the public on Facebook:

  • Upload photos from your cell phone to store in one convenient and safe place
  • Upload old family photos to be able to share them with family members
  • Upload stories or videos explaining the significance of family photos for future generations
  • Store photos of your possessions for insurance purposes

Family Trusts

A trust is a legal document created to hold property by one party for the benefit of another. There are many types of trusts, but are often used in estate planning to avoid probate of an estate, and distribute property efficiently after death.
Again, you can use Secured Inheritance to record documents and information regarding your trust as you would a will:

  • Post trust documents
  • Record names and contact information for the settlor, trustee(s), and beneficiaries
  • List the location where your original trust can be found
  • Upload videos explaining the purpose of a trust

Legal Certificates & Documents

Use Secured Inheritance to keep track of government issued documents or other documents of a legal nature, such as:

  • Post copies of your family’s birth certificates, social security cards, and passports so they can be accessed online from anywhere in the world
  • Upload copies of licenses, such marriage licenses, drivers licenses or professional licenses
  • Upload documents related to marital separation or divorce, marital agreements, spousal and child support documents, and child custody agreements
  • Post copies of personal or business contracts
  • Post immigration records
  • Post legal documents regarding lawsuits, criminal charges, or any legal transactions

Wills & Trusts

Your will is a legal document which guides the executor, beneficiaries and the courts in disposing of your assets according to your wishes. You can use Secured Inheritance to support, protect and defend your will after your death by posting your will, photos of bequests, videos explaining bequests, and other uses.
Remember that if you post an asset on Secured Inheritance to be given to a designated heir, but that bequest is not specified in your will, a court of law will only look to the will to uphold the gift, and not to your postings on Secured Inheritance. Make sure your property bequests on Secured Inheritance match those of your will.

  • Upload your will and any codicils to secure them for yourself or to share with your loved ones
  • The wills of any loved ones can be uploaded and shared as well
  • Upload a video explaining any aspects of your will or codicil
  • Upload photos of personal property mentioned in your will, as well as photos of those you mention
  • For those with young children, post your desires for the care of the children if you should pass; make sure this information is also mentioned in your will or trust
  • List the name, address and telephone number of your estate attorney
  • List the location of your original will (the original is usually kept with the attorney or in a safe deposit box or other safe location)

Membership Levels

Believe it or not, you are already an Heir! You just have to sign into your free account to make yourself a profile. Once you have a profile, others can see you and have the ability to “Heir” or share assets or documents with you. You can receive, but must upgrade to a Nobel or Royal in order to Share or Display.
Like Heirs, you can receive assets and documents that are Shared to you from other Nobles and Royals. Your Noble Membership allows you upload and store your assets in a safe place called, the “Legacy Vault.” Fill this with pictures of valuables, secured documents, and other items that you want a part of your legacy.
The Royal Membership allows you to utilize all of what Secured Inheritance has to offer. Upload, store, and share all your assets across your list of Heirs, Nobles or other Royals. Celebrate your legacy by showing off your items in a public profile, or discretely store them to share to select family members.

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