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My grandma Emma was a sweet, loving and giving person.  I was close to her and even lived with her for a short time upon graduation from college.  She was born in Mexico in 1905, but came to the U.S. at the age of 18, a gorgeous blonde with incredible style and charisma.  She lived to the ripe age of 88, so I have many fond memories of her. Besides those memories, I have some precious keepsakes that I received from my grandmother.  A few she gave me before she died, but others were given to me by my aunt after grandma’s death.  I’m thankful I have a beautiful 18 carat gold bracelet that was her favorite, and which she wore all the time.  It’s valuable in dollars, but more valuable to me because it belonged to her.   One thing she gave me before she died is a medical reference book that belonged to her mother.  It was published in the early 1900s in Spanish and is called “La Mujer – Medico Del Hogar;” translated it’s “Women – Doctors of Their Homes.”  I love knowing that this book belonged not only to my grandma, but my great grandmother as well.

These items are true heirlooms, but no one in my family knows I have them. My aunt knows I have the bracelet because she gave it to me.  But no one else knows I have these items.  As I do not have any children of my own, I would like my siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews to be aware of these items and the story behind them.  Otherwise, upon my demise, they would probably be sold in an estate sale to virtual strangers. I am not sure yet which of my nieces I would like to have the bracelet. None of them remember grandma Emma, but they all have an appreciation of family and the treasures that belong to family members.

Secured Inheritance will provide me with the opportunity to post my heirlooms, the stories behind them and my wishes regarding the heirs to these treasures.



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    We value our grilled lamb. Sum up up a human being misunderstand with a ambrosial marinade or fit, cause up lamb to congress temperature then grill as surplusage bull’s-eye heat. Cooking go through depends on the cut back – also in behalf of an unerring conclusion have recourse to a victuals thermometer to check up on the internal temperature or enter upon the get on foothold of method if you’re extinguished and about.

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