Medical Records

Keep your medical information accessible anytime online

Keep your medical information (and that of your family) organized and stored using Secured Inheritance. Medical records can be posted as well as information of your medical providers in the following ways:

  • Post information regarding your doctors’ names, addresses and telephone numbers and what treatment they provided you
  • Record information regarding medicine or prescriptions
  • Upload medical records, X-rays, hospital records, diagnosis and prognosis of illnesses or injuries
  • List your preferences for hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, etc.
  • Post the names and addresses of dentists, chiropractors, mental health practitioners and other specialists you have seen
  • Record dates of dental work done and list dental work recommended to be done
  • Upload copies of any Advance Directives (also called Living Will) or Medical Power of Attorney
  • Name the person you appoint to make decisions for you in medical emergencies or regarding life support
  • Keep records of your children’s immunizations, vaccinations, etc.
  • Post all medical and dental information regarding your minor children

in case of Emergency

all records

Medical records Shots

immunizations all in one safe place

never lose

From Birth to the golden years

All can be documented and kept Secure for future information

Never be at a loss

easy access

secure safe & easy

Have all the years growth at your finger tips

Why be disorganized . Start Now .

upload from Birth

pictures as well

Childhood Records

Then when its time

Keep a record of all medications , personal Directives plus your Living Will .

Personal directives

Now your Family will have no doubts

Your needs recorded

Someone you know needs to secure their legacy…

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