Photo Albums

Tell the stories behind your photos.

Use Secured Inheritance to save photos in a private setting without the fear that they will disappear when your computer crashes or that they will be available to the public on Facebook:

  • Upload photos from your cell phone to store in one convenient and safe place
  • Upload old family photos to be able to share them with family members
  • Upload stories or videos explaining the significance of family photos for future generations
  • Store photos of your possessions for insurance purposes

Old Family Photos

Scan and upload then share or keep private

write your family Legacy

Dates place and heart felt significance

Your Precious Memories

~ now for the whole family to enjoy~

Put your story as well

This is Henny Penny Jessica's beloved
bicycle riding chicken

From the Barn to the Palace

~ Its your call Document all ~

Casmere & Heida

~ Both grown up now ~

The Butterfly

Cocoons in our Kitchen

Butterflys Migrate

One turns into a brilliant rainbow

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