Real property digital copies

Use Secured Inheritance to keep track of all personal and real property documents, such as:

  • Upload legal documents regarding the purchase or sale of real property, including contracts, escrow or title documents
  • Post deeds to real property
  • Upload documents or information regarding vacation or short-term property rentals
  • Keep track of insurance documents for both your real property and your personal property
  • Upload photos of real property and personal property covered by insurance policies

From your Country Estate

to your place on the Riviera

Where ever you Castle is

The place you call Home

~The Possibility ~

Shine your estate

From the plans

to the finished product

Lot lines

To boundary water rights gold mines & coffee cans in the earth


To all your hidden treasure

Every Step of the way

From the foundation to the finish

All you've work for

Public or private your Legacy lives on

Someone you know needs to secure their legacy…

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